Chicken Popti

Type:   Main Course
Chicken Popti

Chicken, Eggs, Salt, field(vaal) beans, Banana leaves, Onions, Potato, Chilli powder, Chikan masala powder, 1 mud pot

Take a mud pot and fill it with 40% field beans.
Then spread salt according to chicken quantity over beans (use wisely because it will become too salty).
Then spread some chili powder and chicken masala over the beans.
Apply chili powder and chicken masala on chicken.
Put potato, cut onion over the leaves.
Put chicken and eggs inside the pot over the beans.
Then cover up the filling with remaining 60% field beans and fill the pot.
Seal the pot with banana leaf and keep it on fire.
After half an hour remove pot from fire and remove all materials from it.
Your Popti chicken is ready to eat. Must try it.