Games  and sports form an integral  part of the educational programme in this Vidyalaya,  likewise ,not only arranges all the necessary equipments for games and

Sports but also hires qualified and reputed coaches for the training of its budding sports.

Persons in various sports discipline.


Inter-house games and sports competitions and an annual athletic meet are the regular features of the Vidyalaya . Besides it, have students participate in cluster , regional and national level , sports and athletic events,held during the year. 


            Games and sports achievements  2005-2006 .

Vidyalaya  teams took part at regional level in kabaddi, volley ball, judo and athletics Both for boys &girls .

Kabaddi team of boys stood 1st at regional level.

Regional Level Table Tines & Games final Result 2005 held at Aurangabad & Latur               Name of players                        Class               Event

1.                       Mast. Pratik Thorat                   XI Sci.                T.T.

2.                       Mast. Sachin Kurade                XI Sci.               T.T.

3.                       Mast. Akshay Madhavi             XI Sci.               T.T.

4.                      Mast. Yogesh Kawade              VIII                     T.T.

5.                      Mast.Suraj Patil                           VIII                     T.T.

6.                      Sandesh  Mohite                         VIII                  Kabaddi

Regional Level Kabaddi, Foot ball, Cricket Hand ball Participant Name.               Name of players                        Class                          Event

1.                     Mast. Ketan Patil                         XI Sci.                        Kabaddi, Hand ball

2.                     Mast. Mahesh Bagde                 XI Sci.                         Foot ball

3.                     Vivek   Ingavle                             XI Sci.                         Cricket

Cluster Sports meet-Athletics meet 2005 final result.                   Name of players                        Class               Athletics Event         Position

1.                       Mast. Mahesh Kadam              VIII                     100M.Run                         II

2.                      Mast.Ravindra Waghmare       VIII                     200 M.Run                        I

3.                      Mast. Vilas Katkar                     VIII                       400 M. Run                      I

3.                      Mast. Rajendra Naik                  VIII                       Long Jump                     I

5.                      Mast. Ravindra Waghmare      VIII                        High Jump                     I

6.                      Mast. Ravindra Waghmare      VIII                        Shot Put                          I

7.                      Mast.Mahesh Kadam                VIII                        4x100 M.Replay             I

8.                      Mast. Vilas Katkar                       VIII                        4x100 M.Replay           I

9.                      Mast. Rajendra Naik                    VIII                        4x100 M.Replay           I

10.                    Mast.Ravindra Waghmare         VIII                        4x100 M.Replay           I

11.                    Priyanka Rawale                          VIII                        100 M.                             I

12.                    Priyanka Zaware                          VIII                         Shotput                         II